Wall Panelization Systems


Delivered to your site, prefabricated panels can save time and improve quality on a multi-family project or a custom home

Panelized structures are an alternative way to build quicker, smarter and faster. Factory built panels have significant advantages in cost, quality and time savings. A study published by the Wood Truss Council of America showed savings of over $3,000 when a 2,600-square-foot home was built utilizing trusses and wall panels versus conventional framing.
Building wall panels in the controlled setting of a factory often results in higher quality, energy efficient construction with less resources, resulting in a better built structure. In many cases, the end product is more energy efficient and termite resistant than a stick-built structure. Stick structures are proven to be more labor intensive and leave more room for errors and miscalculations. With wall panels, the shell goes up quickly and leaves the structure much less susceptible to weather and adverse climate conditions. This allows for the other contractors to work in a useable environment and keep the project on a desirable schedule.
Wall panels and trusses allow builders to maintain a competitive edge by improving construction quality while controlling costs and minimizing the risk of theft. Sterritt Lumber offers the option to utilize system built structures, providing our customers with an affordable and alternative way of building, with all the benefits that are passed down to the end user. Sterritt Lumber makes building with panels simpler and easier and helps you to overcome the obstacles that are encountered with conventional means of building.

Placement plans greatly simplify the wall panel installation process by clearly identifying each panel and its correct location.
Material quality is controlled and you are assured the use of high quality material.
Walls are square.
Proper nailing patterns are used.
Studs and headers are designed to support applied loads.
Sheathing, furring and building wrap can be applied at the time of manufacturing saving you time in the field.