Delivery Services

At Sterritt Lumber, we strive to deliver all materials in a prompt and efficient manner usually ship in stock inventory within 24 hours of a customer’s order. Shipping and handling FSC material can be a time consuming process. Our delivery services and quality control systems enable us to ship the right product at the right time every time.

Order Delivery Tracking System – Our shipping department can track your materials order from the time they are loaded onto the truck until the time it reaches your jobsite! You will receive online tracking links in order to follow your product to your site.

Boom Trucks – For customers who are not working on the ground floor, we can boom materials multiple stories for your convenience.

Moffitt Trucks – Equipped with small forklifts, these vehicles can place materials around your jobsite. This allows you the convenience of having your materials accessible to specific jobsite locations.

Box Trucks – Especially if your order requires a delivery of windows or doors, we offer box truck service to secure these items and deliver them as if they just arrived from the manufacturer.

GPS Enabled Shipping – If your jobsite is within our delivery area, we will find it. All of our trucks are equipped with global tracking systems. That enables your delivery to arrive promptly keeping you on schedule and saving you money!