Generally speaking, softwood lumber products originate from evergreen trees, or conifers. These trees tend to grow very quickly, and as a result, they are easy to replace after harvesting. This lessens the environmental impact on the manufacturing of this type of lumber.

Often used in construction and furniture making, softwoods like Pine or Douglas Fir tend to be prized both for their workability and their cost value. While most softwood trees are easier to work with than their hardwood counterparts, softwoods are not necessarily less dense than hardwoods. A common misconception is that hardwoods are denser, or harder than softwoods. This is not necessarily true. Douglas fir is one of the strongest woods, and it is a softwood. Softwoods don’t take stain or treatment very well as there are fewer cells to transport the coating deep into the wood. If you are going to paint Pine for instance, it is helpful to gain this material already primed and ready for the painting. Sterritt Lumber’s softwoods are among the company’s most heralded and purchased materials. We’d love to pass along their intrinsic value and machinability to our valued customers.