Structural Plywood

Known as the original “engineered lumber,” plywood comes in many dimensions, various thicknesses, and has hundreds of applications. Here at Sterritt Lumber, we stock plywood in hardwood varieties, softwood veneers, moisture resistant (marine) types, underlayments, and veneers with varying face grades. In general, plywoods range in thicknesses from 1/4″ to 1″ thick. Plywood is superior to regular wood because the layering and gluing of veneers together helps resist cracking, provide extra strength, and enables multiple usage of individual sheets.

Some of the many applications of plywood include flooring, wind bracing panels, sheathing, furniture, boat building, scaffolding materials, fencing, concrete forming, and playground construction. We invite you to explore the many options of plywood that Sterritt Lumber handles. We think you will find that we are the most trusted named in New England when it comes to variety and quality of this manufactured product. Remember also, we can handle virtually all types of specialty sheet goods even if they are not on our grounds. If the material is out there, we can get it for you!