Plycem Fiber Cement Board

Sterritt Lumber is extremely proud to handle materials within the innovative and popular Plycem Fiber Cement Board product line! A viable answer to many cement board needs, Plycem is a non-combustible span-rated structural sheathing used in floors, roof systems, and wall assemblies.

Used often where fire rated material is called for, Plycem is rated for zero smoke development and zero flame spread in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E84 guideline. In addition, this building material has passed the very strict requirements of ASTM E136, a test that measures the behavior of materials in a furnace heated to 750 degrees celsius.

What does all of this structural testing mean for you and I? Plycem’s non-combustibility makes it ideal for use in all building code jurisdictions! Now, that is a thought that can make the most discerning contractor feel good.

There are so many other benefits to working with Plycem. Here are just a few:

* Plycem is factory sealed against moisture absorption.
* It is immune to destruction from termites and other insects.
* Plycem is UL Rated as a Class A roof sheathing.
* Plycem is easily machinable. It can easily cut or routered with standard carpentry tools.
* This material possesses high impact resistance.
* Plycem is seismic-resistant as well!

Comprised primarily of Portland Cement, Plycem is an incredible strong product that can withstand much of what the weather can throw at it. Call one of our professionals today about these innovative products!