We are extremely proud to partner with Penofin here at Sterritt Lumber! Penofin makes a complete line of interior and exterior finishes and wood care products. These products are designed with quality in mind and contain the finest ingredients.

Penofin’s formula penetrates deep into the woods surface, coating the individual fibers of the wood, allowing moisture to pass in and of the wood allowing the wood to breathe. This is a distinguishing factor between Penofin and other products on the market. Only the best, most safe raw materials available are used, and there is no compromise for the sake of cost. Penofin’s reputation is built on products and their performance, and we are very confident in our partnership with this national brand.

All of Penofin’s stains contain Brazilian Rosewood Oil which is a strong, flexible, water-resistant, mildew resistant oil that is sustainably harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree. No trees are ever cut to produce this oil, so this should make you feel good about your job application. Rosewood Oil allows the wood to retain its flexibility and creates no surface film.

A Penofin application is easy to maintain when applied according to directions. You will never see a surface film when using Penofin, so you will never see cracking, bubbling or peeling. You will also never need to strip or sand again! Simply clean the wood thoroughly, let dry and apply a light coat to any areas of the wood that may show wear and tear. It will easily blend in with the rest of the application.

We hope you are as happy with Penofin products as we are with our partnership. Click on the associated pages for more information on these cutting edge prooducts.