NuCedar: The Story of Innovation

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There are many options to real wood decks on the market. Some in fact, that Sterritt Lumber stands behind wholeheartedly. But why should decking enthusiasts have all the fun enjoying the beauty of real wood without the maintenance that genuine wood requires? Introducing NuCedar!

Sharing the same name of its Massachusetts-based mill, NuCedar is another modern marvel of construction that we are proud to endorse! This time however, it is not a composite decking or even rail system. NuCedar is all about siding!

NuCedar Mills, Incorporated is the first company in the industry to introduce factory pre-finished architectural trim, siding, and millwork to the homeowner! These products closely resemble painted cedar siding, and the entire line of products give its homeowner the warmth and elegance of cedar with none of cedar’s maintenance issues.

NuCedar installs easily and quickly, machining just like real wood. The cost of installing this product is very similar to that of real cedar. What is not similar though, is the future sanding and repainting costs. That is because there are none. In addition, NuCedar is the only cladding product on the market that can completely satisfy the discerning customer who desires the traditional appearance of real wood without the typical maintenance.

Made from nearly indestructible Ex-Cel® cellular PVC, NuCedar products are finely milled using a patented process to an elite degree of precision. Here are the main product categories that NuCedar proudly manufactures:

*** Clapboard

*** Shingles

*** Vertical Siding

*** Trim

Only NuCedar Mills offers cladding products that match real wood in warmth, feel, and accuracy while also providing unprecedented durability, color retention and value. Factor all of this in with a 25-year warranty on the paint and the substrate, and you have a modern marvel! One that we are proud to offer to you, and we look forward to continuing to tell you NuCedar’s story of innovation!

Click here for more information on this incredible product’s limited warranty.