Marlite FRP

Sterritt Lumber is excited to handle Marlite FRP Wall Panels! Formally known as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels, this innovative and often colorful product can add incredible depth and creativity to your interior walls and decorative projects!

Marlite provides innovative solutions for interior spaces within commercial markets in particular. By associating ourselves with this fine company and its products, Sterritt Lumber is committed to creating an environment where our customers’ interior design projects will shine and provide benefits to the environment!

Marlite spends much of its marketing effort focused on four lines of FRP:

* Artizan FRP

* Envue FRP

* Symmetrix FRP

* Standard FRP

As an organization, Marlite focuses on three critical elements to advance its philosophy and brand:

* Partnerships: This company makes enormous efforts to join forces with organizations that share the notion of engaging in environmentally responsible practices. We are very proud to partner with this innovative company.

* Processes: So much of Marlite’s daily operations focus on environmentally based thinking and work. For example, Marlite utilizes water-based adhesives and top coats with low emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). In addition, recycled products are heavily favored for corporate office business. Many employees of this company even drive hybrid vehicles when on company business!

* Products: Nearly all of items that Marlite produces are FSC certified. In addition, many products qualify for LEED credits to ensure sustainability.

Sterritt Lumber could not be more endorsing of any company on the market today. That is why we not only handle and sell Marlite products, but we share and embrace the ideals behind their products as well! Please contact one of our experts to guide you through your Marlite FRP purchase today!