Sterritt Lumber is proud to stock Batu Mahogany decking. This beautiful and rare Indonesian heartwood is highly colored as well as resistant to decay and insects. It ranges in color from a yellow brown to a deep reddish brown. The darker wood indicates that it has come from first growth trees.

It machines well using both hand and power tools, and pre drilling often yields the best results. Once it is installed, this durable wood will provide long lasting beauty to your decking or building application. Very little maintenance is required for this elite hardwood, and a clear finish can be applied to preserve its natural color. If left unsealed, it will weather to a sun splashed silver tone.

Like all of Sterritt Lumber’s FSC certified lumber, each piece of this prized material has followed the strict guidelines established by the Forest Stewardship Council for making certain that responsible forestry has been utilized in harvesting this wood.

In addition, we are proud to offer Batu Mahogany top, sub, and bottom rail for your outdoor decking and porch applications. This superior material will leave a lasting impression on all who experience its qualities.