Wood I-Beam Joist

When your projects and designs call for premium roof or floor construction, heavy loads, or extended spans, Georgia-Pacific Wood I Beam joists are the solution. They offer high strength and stiffness, and they are lighter than conventional lumber. Like all GP engineered products. These joists resist shrinking and twisting. In addition, they are ideal for complex framing jobs because Wood I Beam joists offer high dimensional stability and consistent characteristics of depth and strength.

Georgia-Pacific Wood I Beam joists feature FiberStrong Oriented Strand Board webs that are fitted into top quality Laminated Veneer Lumber flanges.

This innovative product offers many prized performance features:

There is more mass with its wide-flange joists. This provides for more gluing and nailing surfaces that cut installation time.
Its dimensional stability offers quieter floors, minimal squeaks, and stiffer floor performance.
Because these joists can span wider spaces, there are fewer pieces to install. This saves time and cost in materials and labor.
There are no unique tools required to machine this material!
Using Wood I Beam joists help prevent cracks in rigid floor materials like marble, tile, and slate.

This state of the art product is available in standard lengths or 24’, 28’, 32’, 36’, 40’, 44’, and 48’. In addition lengths up to 60’ may be ordered. We want to offer you this fantastic and innovative material to handle even the most challenging projects!