For centuries, hickory has maintained a positive reputation that has stood for strength, durability, and power. In many respects, it is the quintessential American hardwood because is embodies those qualities which we all like to associate with our nation. It is for these reasons that we are thrilled to handle this material at Sterritt Lumber!

The hickory tree itself is a member of the walnut family, and it is a canopy tree that is abundant in the Eastern United States.

Hickory wood is very hard, dense, and shock resistant. There certainly are woods that are stronger than hickory. In addition, there are many woods that are harder. However, the combination of strength, toughness, hardness and stiffness found in hickory wood is not found in any other commercial wood.

Scientifically known as “carya spp,” hickory is used in crafting tool handles, dowels, drumsticks, and is present as antique golf club shafts. Interestingly, even though golf clubs are now made of graphite or steel, hackers everywhere still refer to them as “hickory sticks.” In addition, baseball bats for years were made of hickory, but now many are now more commonly made of ash. It is also a popular type of flooring, and it is used in some cabinetry and furniture manufacturing.

The sapwood of this sturdy lumber is white with hints of brown, and the heartwood is pale red in many instances.

In many ways, hickory embodies all that we are about not only nationally, but also here at Sterritt Lumber. We strive to be as reliable, unyielding, and versatile as this incredible American hardwood!