Hardwood Decking

The most prized of our inventory could be Sterritt Lumber’s hardwood decking. Our Garapa, Ipe, Western Red Cedar, Mayan Mahogany, and Cumaru will all add value and long lasting durability to your decking project. Not only will they add value to your decking project, but you can rest assured that much of what we stock is FSC certified. That means the material has passed the strict environmental standards established by the Forest Stewardship Council. Not only will these decking materials last a long time, but they all have been forested responsibly!

We strive to have FSC tropical hardwood decking available when you need it but this product is the most sought after item in the green building community. Plan ahead and give us a call we can fulfill projects both large and small. We have supplied FSC certified material for boardwalks, trails, bridges, docks, and decks. Call today for price and availability! Whether FSC certified or not, our hardwood decking inventory will add strength and attractive distinction to your project for years to come!