Hackberry, also known by others as sugarberry, is widely grown and harvested in the Eastern United States. Known scientifically as “celtis occidentalis,” hackberry is truly a unique tree. This is because in terms of outward appearance, it bears a close resemblance to ash; in terms of its make up, however, it’s closest to elm with the pores arranged in waves bands which is characteristic of the elms.

Hackberry is reputed to among the very best woods for steam bending among hardwoods native to the United States and Canada.

When hackberry is cut into lumber, it is primarily used as a utility material. Used mostly in furniture, cabinets, paneling, plaques, truck flooring, millwork, and doors, this hardwood is perfect when you want to remain within a budget. Furniture manufacturers have found that this lumber makes very attractive and substantial tables and chairs. Its stability and excellent gluing properties also make it a very good core stock material. It has been very popular for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and is used on rare occasions for turnings and carvings.

Because it has a fairly high shrinkage, hackberry is most suitable in small, short pieces. It is often used in farm tools, athletic equipment, crates, boxes and traditionally, in the south, in church pews.

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