Known scientifically as “liquidamber styraciflua,” gum or “sweetgum” grows widely throughout the Southeastern United States. Like many American hardwoods, gum trees are removed from the forest using single-tree harvesting.

It is one of the most important commercial American hardwoods on the market today because of its versatility. Its wood is bright reddish brown, with the sapwood nearly white. It is heavy, straight, and close-grained, but not strong. Gum takes a beautiful polish, but warps badly in drying. As such, it is recommended for exterior applications.

In the carpentry industry, the timber is referred to as satin walnut and is one of the most important materials for plywood manufacturers. It is used for furniture, interior trim, railroad ties, cigar boxes, crates, flooring, barrels, woodenware, and wood pulp. Sweetgum is very compact and fine-grained, and the heartwood is very reddish.

In terms of its working properties, gum is easy to work with when using both hand and machine tools. This lumber takes stain in a superior fashion, and it nails well. When it is stained, it can pass as a beautiful and cost effective replica of walnut.

It is used principally for lumber, veneer, plywood, fuel, and pulpwood. The lumber is made into boxes and crates, furniture, cabinets for radios, televisions, doors, and interior millwork. One of our professionals can discuss this fine product with you today! Please call us!