Siding and Trim

As we all know, the weather in New England can be unpredictable, harsh, and even damaging at times. For this reason, the quality, type, and variety of siding used in applications throughout the region is critical to the durability and value of the structure. At Sterritt Lumber, we are proud to stock siding and trim that possesses a number of traits that would make it an extremely valuable material for your job application! We handle natural cedar, primed pine, Hardi, Kleer, and Centurion materials to address your ever changing building materials requirements.

Cedar’s unmatched natural beauty along with the added benefits of durability, moisture resistance and versatility make it the ideal product for any home. Typically, can be recycled, regenerated, and sustained as opposed to many man-made materials. Naturally resistant to insects and decay, cedar is also an extremely stable, low-maintenance choice for siding, decking, roofing, and many other building uses.

Claymark Centurion and primed pine accept paint and finish very well. In addition, both products are durable and incredibly versatile as they are used in dozens of exterior and interior applications.

Hardi and Kleer are innovative products that machine like wood but require little maintenance while establishing an extremely long life. This makes these products incredibly valuable to contractors and homeowners alike. In addition, these materials have little environmental impacts as they are manufactured. We invite you to look into our wide variety of siding and trim, and we believe you will find that Sterritt Lumber still maintains its mark as the most qualified supplier of siding and trim products!