Douglas Fir

A beautiful and stately wood, Douglas Fir has been the material of choice for many remodeling and home projects in this country for over a hundred years. Lightly colored and even possessing a slightly pink tone, this strong and versatile wood can be used for paneling, flooring, and dozens of other applications.This wood demonstrates its versatility as it excels both for interior applications as well as exterior jobs. It is perfect for work done inside as its light appearance makes an aesthetically pleasing look, whether stained, painted, or left to its natural straight grain appearance. For exterior applications, Douglas Fir possesses many rot resistant qualities that enable the product to thrive for outside jobs.

One unique feature of Sterritt Lumber’s Douglas Fir is that it has a “vertical grain” — this designation means that the grain of the wood is very straight and parallel with the next growth ring, which creates a quite uniform appearance and also makes the Fir less likely to twist or cup on the job.

Sterritt Lumber’s vertical grain Douglas Fir products include:

1″x4″ Square Edge 6′-16′

1″x6″ Square Edge 6′-16′

1″x8″ Square Edge 8′-18′

1″x4″ Tongue and Groove 8′-20′

1″x6″ Tongue and Groove 8′-20′

1″x4″ Edge and Center Bead Fir Random Length 1

“x6″ Edge and Center Bead Fir Random Length

Balusters, Top, and Bottom Rail

4″x5″ Gutter

4″x6″ Gutter