Dark Red Meranti

Sterritt Lumber is proud to offer its valued customers a truly stunning product: Dark Red Meranti!

Dark Red Meranti possesses an incredible combination of beauty, performance, strength, and durability that is rare among even the world’s finest building materials products. Also known as “Meranti bukit,” Dark Red Meranti is the only available tropical hardwood species that can yield such a vast range of products that discerning customers desire. This beautiful hardwood has been a proven performer as an elite decking material as well as a top trim and flooring product. It is also the perfect solution to decking accessories, stair treads, siding, and finish lumber.

Harvested in the sustainable forests of Malaysia, Dark Red Meranti displays a rich color and a varied grain that makes it a prized material among both homeowners and contractors. This makes it a perfect applications for dozens of projects that call for an elegant look and a durable structure.