Although cypress is a softwood, since it flourishes alongside hardwoods, it traditionally has been grouped and manufactured with American hardwoods.

The overwhelming majority of cypress trees grow in the South. They thrive in wet and swampy areas along the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Cypress trees also grow in Louisiana and areas touching the Mississippi River, as well as areas near the Gulf of Mexico.

Since it grows in areas native to profound moisture, cypress wood is extremely durable used as an exterior wood. It is a popular choice among top builders for shutters, shingles, trim, fencing, beams, columns, and furniture. Commercial and residential craftsmen alike value its resistance to warping and cupping. Cypress machines well and planes easily. In addition, it takes to screws and screws very seamlessly. It also readily accepts finishes!

It is very rare that a material so durable and warp resistant can demonstrate such amazing work ability. Sterritt Lumber is proud to be a dealer of this incredible marvel of nature! As a builder, re modeler, or a homeowner, you do what New England weather can do to projects and materials. This fine wood can withstand Mother Nature at her angriest times, and still possess the stately class that one comes to expect from quality construction in this region!