Bison Innovative Products

We are incredibly proud of a recent association! At Sterritt Lumber, we are extremely excited to partner with Bison Innovative Products, a respected leader in creative and green rooftop decking products and technology. Bison Innovative Products does not merely manufacture individual products. Bison gives credibility to a wide range of offerings that set a very high standard for how we should live. It establishes creative ways of thriving in urban settings, where open space is rare. In addition, this innovative company inspires environmentally sound ways to beautify our outdoor existences. Bison is not merely a line of products. This innovative company promotes living in eco-friendly and resourceful ways.

Bison manufactures pedestal system decking solutions for creating outdoor spaces in a variety of applications. Some applications of these solutions include flat rooftop terraces and plazas, green roofs, and streets and curbsides. Some Bison projects even involve covering old or cracked concrete patios, deck retrofitting, water features, and reflecting ponds. Any of the applications can be installed over nearly any surface that needs a beautiful transformation. Taking a more detailed look at pedestal system decking finds Bison Deck Supports. These fasteners hold and elevate decking surface materials such as Bison Wood Tiles, stone tiles, or even decks on joists.

Another facet of Bison’s versatility is demonstrated by their production of Bison Cubes. Bison Cubes make it easy to design a comfortable, creative, and beautiful rooftop environment. With infinite design possibilities, Bison Cubes are the perfect solution to installing creative outdoor seating, storage, and planting!

Manufacturing these environmentally friendly and creative products would be enough for most companies. Bison takes an innovative next step by providing consulting when in comes to building a Green Roof or a Pop-Up Park too! Building vegetative roofs on commercial rooftops is a popular practice in North America. Studies have shown green roofs reduce energy use, capture storm water, and improve air quality. In addition, they create wildlife habitats and add needed green space to urban areas. Bison offers green roof planning, designing and horticulture consultation to assure wise plant selection, correct installation, and proper maintenance of your project!

In addition, Bison’s advanced products are sustainable! Many of them offer LEED credits, many are made of recycled material, and some even have the approval of the Forest Stewardship Council. We hope you are as excited about our association with Bison as we are. We plan on passing along all of the value, creativity, and innovation of this company to our own Sterritt Lumber customers!