One of the most interesting qualities of American hardwoods in general is their versatility. Basswood does not disappoint in this discussion. This fantastic wood provides craftsmen, builders and homeowners alike with an incredible array of uses! American basswood is a large and rapid-growing tree of eastern and central North America. It often has two or more trunks and sprouts rapidly from stumps as well as from seed.

Many builders refer to this stately hardwood by its other popular name: linden. Also known scientifically as “tilia americana,” basswood typically possesses a lot of dimensional stability when it does dry.

The harvested timber of basswood trees is soft and easily worked; it has a density of 560 kg per cubic meter, which means that it has high shrinkage until dry. Basswood has relatively soft heartwood that machines exceptionally well and is valued for hand carving. The inner bark can be used as a source of fiber for making rope or for weaving such items as wicker baskets. Among its other uses, basswood is a popular wood for model building and intricate turning.

One of the most intriguing and popular uses for this versatile wood is in the construction and manufacturing of musical instruments. The bodies of many six-stringed and bass guitars are made of basswood. In addition, some woodwind instruments and the casing of some percussion instruments are made from this incredible American hardwood. Basswood has excellent mid range tones and has a very warm and pronounced sound with very good sustain. It is very well suited for both rock and metal.

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