If you are like our professionals at Sterritt Lumber, we know you take great pride in your home. And like us, we know you want nothing but the best. What’s more is that we want the very best for you when it comes to your decking needs. AZEK’s four lines of decking are engineered to withstand the test of time, and they are designed to last beautifully. We are here to make certain of that.

When you are enjoying your deck, nothing else should be allowed to interfere with your total relaxation. So, enhance your personal deck experience with a low-maintenance AZEK Deck. AZEK offers four lines and a full palette of seventeen luxurious colors that possess a variety of grain patterns. With so much variety, this enables you to make your own decking statement. Within all of this variety however, there is tremendous consistency. All collections of AZEK Deck are designed with the following unique qualities in mind:

*** AZEK Deck is scratch and split-resistant!

*** AZEK Deck is stain-resistant!

*** AZEK Deck is moisture-resistant!

*** Durable and long-lasting, AZEK Deck is impervious to mold, mildew, and insects!

*** AZEK Deck offers a limited lifetime warranty on its collections of decking!

*** AZEK Deck is recyclable at the end of its own lifetime!

Sterritt Lumber is proud to handle four collections of unique and elegant AZEK Deck. Within each one, you will find your own preference. You will be able to make your own decking statement. Whether bold or modest, your decking statement will say more about you than you will be able to state personally. Your statement will convey your concern for natural resources and your love for all things beautiful. That is quite a statement! We hope that you enjoy one or many of AZEK Deck’s collections:

*** AZEK Arbor Collection

*** AZEK Harvest Collection

*** AZEK Terra Collection

*** AZEK XLM Collection

In addition, we would like Sterritt Lumber to be your one-stop source for AZEK Decking. Please feel free to contact us as we assist your efforts in making a truly personal and beautiful decking statement!