In harvesting many American hardwoods, like aspen, the most popular method of bringing these beautiful materials to you is through single tree selection. Instead of clear cutting, foresters choose to fell individual trees based on numerous criteria. Hardwood forests in the United States develop into complex ecosystems that are home to a diverse number of tree species. By singling out trees in this diverse plantation, rain and sunlight are able to impact younger and smaller trees, fostering vigorous growth. Nutrients are not merely devoured by older trees, but younger and smaller trees are able to benefit greatly from this single tree selection harvesting process!

Aspen in particular, is a useful American hardwood. While its availability is sometimes limited (single tree selection assists in this), its uses and applications are incredibly diverse. Known by its Latin species name populus tremuloides, this fine wood is used in furniture, doors, toys, kitchen utensils, and even matchsticks. This wood is so impervious to moisture and possesses such a low conductivity of heat, that it has become a popular species in the manufacturing of sauna laths and chopsticks!

It does not split when nailed, and it takes to paint and finish very well. In fact, because its surface is slightly fuzzy after machining, sanding and staining are recommended. It possesses low to moderate shrinkage, and it has good dimensional stability. Its beautiful sapwood is white, and the contrast between the sap and the heartwood is very small. In addition, it possesses superior nailing and screwing capabilities!

This incredible interesting and diverse material is available through the professionals at Sterritt Lumber. Please allow us to assist you with the many applications of this amazing American hardwood!