Sterritt Lumber Partners with Georgia-Pacific!


On June 3, 2013, Sterritt Lumber entered into an historic partnership with Georgia-Pacific.  Because of this association, Sterritt Lumber now handles a large line of Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber.  Known as the most trusted brand of engineered lumber in the industry, Sterritt Lumber can now pass along to its valued customers the same quality, durability, and performance that so many other consumers have come to rely on.

Engineered lumber adds value to projects because of its intrinsic strength and the ease of its installation.  Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber products outperform not only conventional lumber, but also other manufactured materials when it comes to these qualities.  The fiber in the wood is free of nearly all defects, and this fact enables the material to support heavy loads over longer spans.  In addition, virtually all portions of the tree are used in its manufacturing.  This lends to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber also resists twisting, shrinking, and warping.  What this means to the customer is quieter floors and the ability to easily machine this fine material.  Every piece is light in weight, true to size, and easy to cut.

Here at Sterritt Lumber, we are proud to handle the following Georgia-Pacific products:

GP Lam, Wood I Beam Joists, Fiberstrong Rim Board, and GP Glulam Columns and Beams!  Please give us a call at 617 923-5200 so our experienced sales professionals can tell you more about these innovative and high quality engineered products!

Precision technology meets durability in GP's Wood I Beam Joists

Precision technology meets durability in GP’s Wood I Beam Joists